About RK

“If you have your ears pierced, you must keep them adorned. This is family folklore passed down from my mother.”

Ranjana Khan (RK) started her jewelry brand in 2008 after over two decades of work in the couture fashion industry. RK owned and operated Phoenix Hand Embroidery, a bespoke embroidery business, catering to Alexander McQueen, Jean Paul Gaultier Couture, Valentino, Jil Sander and Armani Privé, among others. She also collaborated with Lanvin to create the iconic tulle-wrapped pearl necklaces that were seen all over the runway.

RK earrings are a mix of soft and hard materials, of organic shapes and some negative space. These earrings emphasize natural materials such as baroque pearls, spiraling shells, soft feathers, and iridescent beetle wings, to which other components such as vintage beads, Swarovski crystals, or semi-precious stones are added.

Ranjana Khan jewelry is made to stand out. Our clients desire unique pieces, whether for an important event or casual daily wear. The earrings are decorated with an eclectic assortment of materials that are designed to stay light, while creating dynamic movement on the ear.

There is a story behind each style. Some materials are found on Khan’s travels to exotic destinations, some are selected from vintage inventory, and deadstock. Because we upcycle a lot of what we use, some jewelry styles are only offered until that particular rare material has been entirely used. In the end, the designs are bold and whimsical—unconventional, yet classically beautiful.

RK has gone from couture, to hand-made jewelry, and has expanded into the home furnishing space. In her first year, she successfully worked with some of NYC's top decorators, including Tom Sheerer, Tino Zervudachi, and Ingrao to create custom window treatments, table linen sets, and upholstery textiles.

“Hand-embroidery has been my world for almost four decades. I have clocked my 10,000 hours to expertise many times over.”