How to Style Statement Fashion Earrings

How to Style Statement Fashion Earrings | A Jewelry Expert's Top Tips

Finding unique fashion earrings is so fun because they can build up a wardrobe in the same way basics do. Clip them on with your look, and it immediately flips the script. Next time you pick an outfit, start with the earrings.

For a while, I was just seeing a lot of minimalism: simple jewelry, monochrome clothing. That has never been my ethos. But now things have swung the other way (as things often do), to big, fantastical, literal statement fashion earrings all over our runways.

I don't know how many times I have had people be so enthralled with my earrings — which is the first thing they will see after greeting you — that they don't even remember what I wore! For this reason, I start many of my outfits by picking my earrings first. Earrings or shoes — that will decide my look!

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Ethos of Styling Statement Earrings

1. Work the Earring

Our silhouettes are designed to frame the face of the wearer, and the colors are meant to be eye-catching on their own. Our bigger earrings drape past the collarbone or just brush it, accentuating a graceful neck and demanding a confident posture. In this way, the earring attracts attention, but you command it.

2. Keep It Natural

Consider a way to keep your hair from hiding your earring. Other than that, you can keep your look very simple. Light lipstick, mascara, and some moisturizer (with SPF!) is all you need.

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3. Make a Date

If you have a special occasion, you have a reason to wear a special piece. If you have nothing on the calendar, you may need to schedule something. Shopping for statement earrings begs the question: "Where can we wear this?" If you're reading this, consider it a reminder to go out and enjoy yourself.

4. Play with Color

Earrings can bring in contrasts and pops of color without you having to spend a fortune on wardrobe. Swapping out different colored accessories can deliver a fresh mood to your favorite pieces.

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Final Thoughts

Styling fashion earrings is an excellent way to express yourself. When it comes to everyday earrings, versatility is key. By investing in versatile pieces that seamlessly transition from the office to dinner, you will build up a collection that stands the test of time.

At the end of the day, you make your jewelry stand out. So be sure to wear whatever you choose with confidence. Add a touch of glamour to your evenings with Ranjana Khan evening earrings. Perfect elegance for special occasions

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